Soundproofing Your Home While Doing Construction Projects

You don’t have to spend a fortune to soundproof your home. In case you are building your new home, it’s understandable you have a tight budget. But you can visit a hardware store and get soundproofing materials that will not damage you budget significantly.

There are several options you can use when you are in the middle of the construction process. One good soundproofing material is sand. Yes, sand. If you have reinforced walls, you can sip sand through the stud cavities and you will have a great noise blocker right there. Be sure your walls are able to endure the amount of sand you want to use. Also, sue purified or refined sand so you won’t have to deal with mold issues.

Another great material to use is rolled roofing. You can find it in Lowes or Home Depot. Stretch this rolled roofing material across the joists or the studs and you will have a soundproof ceiling. Use nails or staples to to keep the roofing material firmly in place. Make sure you overlap the rolls and caulk them with an acoustical caulk. Use caulk wherever you see a gap or a crack. You want to seal the roofing material as much as possible so that no air can come through it. Once you do that, you will have a perfectly soundproofed home.